100 Cloth Diaper Liners & Wipes

  • $101.00

A must-have with your Charlie Banana¨ 2 in 1 AIO cloth diaper. This liner makes cloth diapering easy. Place the liner on top of any diaper and dispose of it quickly after soiled: it makes the cleanup much quicker. Perfect disposable wipes, dry or wet, just add a little water and they become a natural wet wipe to use safely on your baby or toddler. Take them with you anywhere.

Materials / Ingredients

100% Rayon made from Bamboo


Diaper liner instructions: Place 1 Charlie Banana® best-selling liner on top of the diaper. Secure diaper onto baby as usual, making sure the liner is next to baby's skin. Only one liner is required at a time. Soiled liners can be lifted out and flushed into the toilet one at a time. If your plumbing is not to standard and you prefer to dispose of it in the rubbish, please make sure to shake solids off into the toilet first before disposing of them. * Caution: our liners are flushable but please be aware of your plumbing or septic system limitations as we are not responsible for any plumbing issues. If you have any questions about this product, please contact support@charliebanana.com.

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