How to Cloth Diaper

How Does the Charlie Banana Hybrid All-In-One One Size Diaper Work?


The Successful Cloth Diapering Routine

If baby is over 3 months old, always put in 2 inserts for the maximum absorption.
We recommend that you use Charlie Banana® liner, by simply placing the liner on top of the fleece, then once the baby has soiled the diaper, lift the liner and dispose in garbage.
The liner facilitates the removal and the cleaning of solids, it makes it EASY!

Adjust the bra-elastic inside the diaper to the desired size.
Place baby on a diaper.
1. Pull the front of the diaper and snap the leg snap first. Make sure it is snug and tight with no gap at the leg.
2. Snap the upper snaps as you wish, so baby is comfortable.
Tips: Try on your wrist to feel how comfortable it feels even on a tight setting as there should be no gap.

When baby needs a change due to urine only, simply remove the diaper and place in Charlie Banana® laundry hamper. If baby has a dirty diaper, shake the waste into the toilet and place in the laundry hamper.
If using the liner, simply lift it and dispose in garbage. Rinse your diaper first or throw it into the wash directly.
Tips: You can also use our disposable inserts for occasional use too.

Rinse any residue and store in a dry or water pail. Place in washing machine and select cold or warm wash to a maximum of 40℃. Use cloth-friendly detergent, use proper amount needed. Do not use fabric softener. Only non chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry LOW or hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not use cream or ointment, unless you are using the disposable insert.
Your detergent needs to be residue-free. 

Wear It the Way It Works for You

The Front Pocket Option

Stuff 1 or 2 deluxe inserts:
1 deluxe insert for younger children or less bulkiness, or
2 deluxe inserts for heavy wetters and overnight.

The All-In-One Option

No stuffing. You can use our deluxe fleece top insert on top of the pocket or you can put one inside the pocket. It's your preference!

The Hybrid Option

Use a disposable insert on top. For extra absorbency and comfort, add a deluxe insert in the pocket!

With Charlie Banana® diapers, you have the best of both diaper worlds! A True Hybrid All In ONE.

Patented Clever One Sizing System

Adjust the elastic strap to the desired size setting and ensure that the top part of the elastic strap has been fully pulled downwards between the first and second bars. Pull the elastic strap through the opening area between the second and third bars from under the buckle upwards.

Pull the elastic strap through the opening area between the second and third bars from under the buckle upwards.

Tighten the buckle and hide the excess elastic strap into the corner pocket next to snaps.