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Today, we wanted to share with you something unusual — a fairy tale. And it goes like this:

il était une fois…
Once upon a time, there lived Sophie la girafe. She was cute, charming and compassionate. More than anything else, she loved soothing teething babies and putting smiles on their little faces.
One day, Sophie la girafe met Charlie Banana, and they struck a friendship right away. Just like Sophie la girafe, Charlie Banana loved babies and did everything possible to keep them comfortable and clean. Both of them were devoted to all things natural and truly cared for the planet.
Out of this friendship, a wonderful thing was born — a beautiful collection of reusable cloth diapers with the most adorable designs the world has ever seen. These diapers were ultra-soft, very eco-friendly and super-cute, and they put even more smiles onto little children’s faces.
The end.

No, wait, this is far from the end! In fact, this is just the beginning, because this fairy tale actually came true! So no we get to live one of our most treasured dreams, and, better yet, we get to share it with you!

We are so excited about our collaboration with the legendary Sophie la girafe. It was one of the most anticipated projects of this year, and we feel so happy that it’s finally open to Charlie Banana customers.

We hope you'll enjoy using our Sophie la girafe-inspired diaper and accessory collection just as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Shop the collection here.


Charlie Banana team

Photo credit: @inbar_rothschild_photography

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