Gung Hey Fat Choy! (Plus your lucky 20% off)

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The Year of the Pig is here, and we are so excited to celebrate it!

We have our Lai See nice and ready and can’t wait to spend the next week indulging into Tong Yuen and Pun Choi!

But first — we would like to take a moment to wish you and your families a healthy, happy, prosperous and successful new year, filled with love, joy and good fortune!

Chinese New Year sale of Charlie Banana diapers

Charlie Banana horoscope says this year is going to be especially lucky for those expecting a baby and those who have just welcomed a new child into this world. In fact, the lucky streak starts right now with the code CNY20, which gives you 20% OFF EVERYTHING on this page (spoiler alert: it features a massive choice of newborn cloth diapers).

The year also promises lots of luck to those ladies and gentlemen who outgrew their diapers and are ready to transition to their first boxers and panties (and you do need luck when you potty train!). Use the same code CNY20 when shopping here to attract good fortune into your life.

恭禧發財! Enjoy the festivities!


Charlie Banana team

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