2018 New Prints Collection is now available in the USA!

Posted by Neringa Pritchard on

American fans, your wait is over! Our new prints are now available on our USA region website: www.charliebanana.com! New designs come as swim diapers as well as cloth diapers AIO from Dinosaurs and Blue Pineapples to Malibu print for little surfers ready to sail into the summer.

If you're have a little girl at home, you'll not be disappointed with the choice. We have some gorgeous dancing flowery prints such as Diva Balerina, Hot Pineapple and Cotton Bliss.

And, of course, everyone will love Delicious Donuts. Grab yours before they are gone! Yum!

Cloth diapering is a lot of fun with all these prints and colors, but it is so much more, when you know that by switching to a cloth diaper a day, you'll save 912 diapers going to landfill. That's equivalent to 15 trash cans.

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